Love.Chai.Dhaba Momos

It had been like this for a while.

Dark, enveloped in a thick blanket of smoke, weighing down my shoulders with a massive load. The smile had not met the eyes and the eyes had not seen a smile. The confident stride had faded into a gauche walk, with shoulders drooping, almost touching the ground.

It’d just been like this.

Until today.

Until We decided to stroll down memory lane.

Hand in hand, the traffic merging into nothingness as the gear box shifts strained the muscles.. it was as if the radio stations had planned the sequence of songs to adorn the evening, faint, mellifluous melody in the background , as the car swayed to the tune of the evening so awaited.

Were we moving slow or fast? I don’t recollect. It’s immaterial. The destination doesn’t matter when the journey is so pristine, laced with such iridescence.

As we approached our destination, we chanced upon this road… the trees on both sides were in love, caressing each other as they stood tall but met high above, where no one could hear the sweet nothings that they whispered to each other.. where the entire world is just you both and them…

The dhaba stood right around the corner, a sequestered, little spot, where a phalanx of beautiful dogs guarded us from the outside world.. the universe conspired to play some beautiful music in car that stood in distance… as I spoke and saw the envelope of air I exhaled, it was no longer grey… it had metamorphosed into white, since the load had been shed, or shared…

When the clock struck midnight, I wouldn’t know.. sipping on my tea in the plastic cup, eating ‘momos’ our a steel plate, reminiscing, talking, falling ever so much in love, all over again…

Clicking a selfie also didn’t cross my mind!

Stealing a couple of hours from life, I realized what it takes to feel alive.

Love. Chai. And dhaba momos.

And then, some more love ❤️

Don’t forget to steal some moments from life for you today. You and your loved one(s).

One thought on “Love.Chai.Dhaba Momos

  1. How romantic, how serene,how calming.
    The dogs guarded us from the outside Tumpa.
    Glad to see you are writing again.. Never let your pen rest.. Do justice to your ignited mind 🙂


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