As you start reading this, there are two activities outlined for you –

a)       When you think of the word love, what/who come/s to your mind?

b)      Take a minute to define love 



In all probability, you would have thought of 1 person. 

And in all probability, you would have a string of words, not pieced together, implying a potpourri of emotions that get triggered at the thought of love.

Love – this universe’s most over-burdened word. 

Love – noun or verb? 

Unfathomable, inexplicable, overarching – Love 

 Beautiful, kind, generous – Love 

You’re looking for a point, aren’t you? So am I. 

In all of my understanding (and of course I claim to be no expert) , love does the following (not only limited to – )

·         Makes the recipient a better person – like a wonderful superpower, love needs to enable a person to be superior to what he / she was without the possession of the super power

·         Simplify lives – simplify your life, simplify the recipient’s life – leading to simplification of existence which leads to greatness due to excess time at hand

·         Renders happiness – not all day, every day but definitely for at least a moment every day, make the recipient and you happy

·         Ensures you love yourself – as without you loving yourself, there is no way you can love someone else

Would the people you love say your love enables the above? 

Especially the person you thought of when you started reading this piece.

Did your definition of love encapsulate the ‘superpower’ version?

Love continues to be your favorite music, your best dish, your favorite vacation location, or your bedrock on a difficult day. It doesn’t cease to be the magic that shines through in the toughest times.

But sprinkling some pixie dust will only add to the magic – run these four tenets through your loved ones. Evaluate and evolve, love and be loved.

As Frank Sinatra said, ‘to love and be loved, that’s what life is all about’.


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