Eid Mubarak :)

I am a sucker for celebrations. I like to celebrate anything and everything. Birthdays, promotions are obvious. And so is Diwali. And Eid.

Raised eyebrows?

That, my friends, is what this blog is about.

There was once a marriage I witnessed in my family. A Hindu girl marrying a Muslim boy. The marriage was boycotted by most of our family.

Guess what? Today we all are one big, happy family, and I think he is by far the best son-in-law, husband, father one could ever be.

Sounds familiar? Been there, done that?

I think this whole Hindu-Muslim angle creeps into existence when we (all of us) forget the underlying premise of existence – ultimately, and over archingly, we are all humans. We almost always feel the same things and think the same way. We breathe and operate the same way.

Mass killings hurt all hearts. Epidemics kill everyone. No one escapes natural disasters. Birthdays are celebrated by everyone, so are festivals. Everyone is impacted by all ailments.

All of us, and all meaning all, are cut from one fabric and woven in different ways. Circumstances make us who we are. Families make us who we are. Friends make us who we are. And yes, education.

If at all you were to rate the top five influencers in your life, think for yourself where religion would feature. And remember that, as top of the mind recall.

Let’s propagate the good things this Eid. Let’s cut out the negativity, if at all, and spread love, cheer, happiness. Let’s be One. Let’s enable our friends, families, bosses, team members, stake holders towards the direction of one-ness, in the hope that one day, this chain of one-ness would engulf the most non-trusting non-believer too.

Love is and always be more powerful than hate. Good always emerges victorious over evil.

Because that’s what is meant to be. Let’s start today.

Eid Mubarak you all.

3 thoughts on “Eid Mubarak :)

  1. Eid Mubarak to you too..!! Your words are akin to that wise man whose stories we’ve all heard in our childhood and which used to end in an utopian concept of “and they lived together happily forever..” I sincerely hope this blog is a foretelling of what lies ahead for all of us and that we all live to see it come to fruition..!!

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