Freedom… to Me

1. On the one hand, there is an advisory against women stepping out alone at night. On the other, in a bandwagon of astronauts venturing into space, we have only one Indian, and that too a girl

2. Female foeticide is growing leaps and bounds due to very many of them not being recorded. But, for the first time, we have three women ministers in the cabinet

3. We still believe in purdah and the need to keep our women away from public light. But, we have Indian women donning glam avatars across the world

4. Dowry still exists, and unlike the popular myth, is way more rampant in the urban echelons of the society. But, in those very households, we have women earning and fending for themselves and their families

5. We’ve CXOs who are women. Those very women go home and get physically,mentally abused by their husbands. Sometimes, the whole family.

So you ask me what is Freedom.

Freedom will be when the positives exist, only without contradictions.

It is deplorable that on the 72nd Independence Day, we are still needing to talk about how women are important for the sustenance of the economy. How we need the emotional balance of women to keep families alive. How she is as strong as him. And how she is as needed as him, if not more.

I hope you feel as strongly. If you do, do educate a few young people. And old people. Educate the society in general. Because, ultimately, it is not about you or I. It is about us, marching into the india we build, with the mindset we inculcate and the spirit we imbibe.

Where she can walk alone, freely at night.

Jai Hind.

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