Happy Friendships’ Day

Let me tell you a story today – a story of a young girl, one that I’ve witnessed very closely –

She was a young, vibrant girl of 17. And despite her best efforts, she fell in love. All encompassing, overpowering love. Mind boggling, earth shattering love.

Her own life felt like retribution, without the love of her life. He was of course, a young lad, like any other 17 year old. Distressed with the overpowering sense of needing to be united with someone else’s soul at such a tender age. The girl started slowly, but steadily relinquishing her own steadfast life, and began forming her core in him. She ceased to be her own self, and began picking her life from the pieces of his. And he, wise beyond his years, knew that he had to let her – as she couldn’t function without him. Yet, somewhere, something was gnawing. The poor boy couldn’t place it. And it took him several years to figure it out. He was absolutely not ready to take the ownership of someone else. In spite of his best efforts, he just couldn’t.

Gradually, the pieces started falling apart. She probably didn’t want to sense it. Or acknowledge it. Each one going his and her way was inexorable.

But imagine existing without ( or seemingly without) your core. That period got the worst of her. Absolute low. Absolute worst.

And this is where the beauty of life seeps in. Like a phoenix she had to reinvent herself. It may have taken years. Years of constant conversations, years of discovery and years of pain. But if you met her today, you would know in an instant, her core is her own.

God knows it was tough – and not something she could do alone. Her entire existence had to be shaped again – the value system, which was totally shaken had to be built from scratch. For a 21 year old, young girl, life had thrown a curve ball, and she just couldn’t dodge it. Fathom the unfortunate passing away of a life partner and then fathom the young age. And in that context, fathom the pain, confusion and the disorientation.

The foundation had to be laid again and the person had to be built. It took, what seemed like eons, to get to the point of self belief and self confidence.

But why am I writing this today ? I am writing this because it’s Happy Friendship Day. And God knows her friends, who are family, were the ones who let her be. Be herself. They checked the flaws and built on them. Strengthened the core so much that irrespective of who walks in, or walks out, the core remains. Solid. Unwavering. Strong.

Friends are the soulmates one must have. Friends are the family we create. Friends are the ones who make you believe, come what may, there’s always tomorrow.

She could live, knowing if she fell again, she would be caught. She has a long way to go.. but then, who doesn’t 🙂

Let’s be the friend that we would want to have, in adversities and, in celebrations!

Happy Friendship Day!


2 thoughts on “Happy Friendships’ Day

  1. Friends are those who accept you as who you are and make you feel stronger each day. Friendship is also a reciprocation of your thoughtfulness. I am lucky to have discovered this pearl in you so late in life. Be a friend and be a writer. Cheers!!


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