Let’s go for a ‘space’ walk

This is a continuation of the hospital diaries. Read at your own risk 😉

I was waiting outside a procedure room, typing away furiously on my laptop, when a tiny kid cropped up next to me suddenly. ‘Didi (elder sister), will these buttons take me to space?’, he asked. Taken in by his innate curiosity, I asked him to try pressing a few buttons.

I was surprised with my own patience, but I guess having a loved one inside a procedure room makes you a bit of a better person.

The child’s mother held his hand and took him away, his regurgitation issues had to be addressed.

After we were done with the procedure, and were waiting for the bill, I, as always wanted to get a coffee. Standing at the counter, awaiting my turn, I felt someone tugging at my sleeve. Looking down, I saw that little boy, now holding my hand, and pulling me to his table.

Unable to resist, I went to his table where his mother told me that he had been looking for me everywhere. He wanted to share his brownie with me as I’d helped him get a little closer to space.

My eyes welled up. I couldn’t get over the honesty in the boy’s love. And I couldn’t get over his unwavering faith and belief that he would get to space.

I’d a bit of the brownie and as I was getting ready to leave, he said, ‘I’ll meet you in space’. I gave him the tightest hug I could and lathered him with kisses. For a fleeting second, I was in space, enveloped in the pure bliss of the child’s hug.

Life corrupts us. Adulterated, the word, has it’s genesis in adulthood, which means impure. But as we ride along life, we could make an honest effort to keep the child within us, alive. The extremely optimistic, very innocent, beautiful child, who would smile at silliness and believe in the underlying, latent yet definite goodness of people.

In this rat race of today, where we are all chasing our own stars, he taught me that space could be right here, right now. To him, and to all of you today – I will see you in space! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Let’s go for a ‘space’ walk

  1. This has been one of the best things I’ve read in past few weeks. It has also been my topmost prayer since, believe it or not, I was a child – “let not the child within me wither away”. And those small details such as the line for coffee and the brownie really elevate the writing!
    Will recommend everyone to read this.


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