Let’s live for me!

This post is heavily inspired by Pee Cee, the much celebrated Bollywood actor Priyanka Chopra.

I’ve been following her for quite a while now, and I was not in the least bit surprised when she walked in, hand in hand, with Nick Jonas, treading unabashedly on a million stereotypes, into the future.

Of course a sea of questions emerged around the status/stature/demographics of this new age boyfriend.

Even before this, came Anand ‘s’ Kapoor. Even if you glance away, the ‘s’ stays, staring at you, a very gentle reminder of the virtue of feminism being truly exemplified. For all the lesser mortals, Anand Kapoor is the husband of actor, model Sonam Kapoor.

We need the mighty and the famous to set these benchmarks – to follow their hearts, and set these age-old sentiments ablaze. You and I can be deterred by what the pretending-to-care neighbourhood aunty says, but thankfully this class is immune to such bilious world views.

I’m looking forward to a generation that does what it wants to, and is not limited in what it can do, due to some pretentious, unnecessary tenets that were set in stone, in the dinosaur era. And not be influenced by Mr.Sharma, whose son will always score more marks.

Let’s live it up!

And live for me 🙂

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